A Word About Marvin L. Fieldhouse (1927 - 2001)

Marvin L. Fieldhouse was a missionary to Japan from 1951 to 1986. While laboring in the mission field, his main burden rested with the spiritual condition of the mystical Body of Christ throughout the world.

By the few he is accounted to be a prophet of the pen with a vital and fitting message from God for Christendom in these grim days; and by the many he is said to be demonic inspired, a free lance fanatic whose nearest kin is Beelzebub, the prince of the devils. But regardless of the extreme and conflicting opinions about himself and his ministry, Brother Fieldhouse was a strong believer in the fact that truth is justified only of her children; that it is only polluted, belittled, misrepresented and desecrated by all those who defend error and yet pose as Blood relations of the King of kings. He was a stickler for the principle that all those who lay claim to the great honour of being born of the Holy Ghost and the Word of God should speak only the very highest of the Biblical Jesus, including everyone who claims with trumpet tongue and convincing gesture that “we have one Father, even God.”

Brother Marvin wrote a great many vital books, some thick and some thin. They are earnestly recommended both to the hungry in heart who are journeying towards the Holy City, as well as to those with a cold heart, who seem to have no higher aim in life than to lice comb evangelical writings in search of theological lint--lint with which they can take exception and forthwith reject the whole, thus appearing to some as champions of righteousness.

Brother Marvin never apologized for his crystal clear message. He realized that it is a savor of life unto life to some and a savor of death unto death to others, and that only God Himself is sufficient for these things. He also strongly believed that either men or machines are fully to blame for any message which leaves men in the fog of neutrality, the moral mists of wondering, discussing and conferring about what God loves and what God hates.

We are pleased to make his writings available here on this site to fellow Christians of all ages as they walk with our Lord Jesus Christ that they may be renewed in faith and strength in all Godly wisdom.







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